Monday, June 25, 2012


I hadn't quite realized it, 'til we got here, but it has been some time since I lived some place with regular thunderstorms...

Out west, well, they would happen.  No regular event though.
We were kinda in a desert in Cali and they just aren't part of the Northwest's rain rhythm.
A few passed through Philly, that I recall.  Just didn't seem that often, in that city.

I only mention this because we have had numerous since I landed here...
Kinda nice to see/hear that again.

It is storming right now, but I don't think the really heavy stuff is gonna come down for quite a while.

And some random thoughts.-

There is all that bluster about healthcare, the Supreme Court and such, this week as well.
Not even sure what to think about that.  I don't think anybody with half a brain really does, either...
There are a mess of ways that can play out.  I thought The Atlantic did a nice job portraying the lack of simplicity to the decision.

I saw that Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter movie.  I posted up that preview months ago, thinking it was a joke.  Maybe it should have been.
A pal posted up his personal review, about how it was "better than The Matrix" which seemed like high praise to me.  I mean The Matrix isn't exactly grand cinema, but I have gotten high and watched it quite a few times.
And you have Honest Abe gutting the undead, which sounds like a winner.  Eh, not so much.  Maybe I was just too sober to really enjoy it.  There were quite a few Matrix visual rip-offs...

I ate some pizza this weekend.  I will skip a review of pizza.  It was rectangular, not round pizza, and pretty good.

I think I have decided to take up croquet.  It seems very civilized and pastoral, doesn't it?  A sport one could manage to have a cocktail and cigarette at hand and yet still have proficiency with, perhaps.  It seems that neither KVC or I have ever actually played croquet, that we can recall.  Having hit up some locals, regarding the formation of a late night croquet association, that seems fairly common for our generation.
I am also pondering how I can incorporate fireworks or some sort of flaming wickets...

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