Sunday, September 23, 2007

Idiots will Kill you.

So, I missed the link to the actual study, but doctors in some EU country just completed a study on the impact of working/dealing with idiots has on ones health.

It turns out that your exposure to the jack-ass at work is more likely to lead to your death than smoking or drinking or most other things, actually.

That dipshit that shreds your work, occupies your day with dumb e-mails, well shit the list of dopey coworker activity is friggin' endless.

That is what is going to do you in.

I have come to terms with the old mortal coil and all, but damn, the fact that the shit-heads at work are surely taking time off my ticker pisses me off.
The fact that it upsets me is just the thing that is doing me in.
Vicious cycle, huh...

No escape from this either, as I can tell, there are dullards at every turn.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Lump

Yeah, the lump is together. This time the bolts mean it, as they snuggle up with the various threads holding things together.

HRB helped me drop the bottom end in place, opened beers and got peanut shells all over the floor last week. I popped the pistons in on Sunday and have been sticking various bits on since then.

Somehow, it seems bigger than before. Sure as hell, it's a lot heavier when all those parts are together than on their own.

There is little stuff I will obsessively detail, yet. It's cool to see it together anyway...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labor Day

May your Labor Day weekend be soaked in beer and bar-b-que sauce, roasted under the sun's sweat oven.

Before we all started sitting in cubicles for seventy hours a week, folks in America worked Hard. Sure, there have always been desk jockeys and ditch diggers. The ratio for either category has been inverted, perhaps.

Back when there were more steel mill workers than individual Wal-Mart locations, they came up with the idea to give those hard toiling folks a day off.

Big business complained about it, of course. They complained about the end of child labor. They paid thugs to burry clubs deep into the skulls of union organizers. Etc.
That sort of frivolity is bad for productivity and profits.

A few folks agreed, though, folks could use a day off.

Anyway, enjoy Labor Day...