Thursday, July 31, 2008

F'n German

Talking with the Crazy German got wheels turning.
Just because.
Because he was talking about Triumph motors.

He was really talking about some mini-bike moto rally thing that is coming up.
He only mentioned Triumph stuff.
But it got me thinking.

So then I start looking around.

And I find these pics.

Pretty cool.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was talking with the Crazy German last night.
We were discussing how great things look when you drill a bunch of holes in them. Parts look better with holes.
The German and I seem to have some synchronicity in our thinking.

Anyway, he wanted to see what was happening with the windshield.

Something like this is happening...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fussible Colorado

Nortec Collective

genius video

I turn another year older, tomorrow.

Baboonbots and Taking Over the World

If you tune into pretty not good on regular basis you are probably aware that I intend to take over the world. If you are new to the site, well, now you know.

It is a complicated plan, with lots of factors that are still in the works. One pivotal element involves an army of half baboon/half robot warriors, which will serve as the muscle of the operation. It is really hard to get a decent army of reliable goons and henchmen these days, plus they are expensive and want benefits.

The baboonbots are definitely the way to go. Plus the baboonbots will scare the bejesus out of most everybody. Lots of positives with the robo-monkey army.

Of course nobody has ever done this. There are a lot of variables in making half baboon/half robot soldiers.

I have been working with Bob Baboon, just to see what we are starting with on the baboon side. We have been working on some design consideration, but really the focus has been on seeing if baboons can be an effective fighting force. Tactical comprehension, understanding the application of force, weapons handling and so on...

I have to say that things are going swimmingly. Bob has demonstrated a true talent which assures me that I am headed in the right direction. He has demonstrated what might be described best as a joy for fighting.

Bob just loves target practice, hand to hand combat training the whole deal!

Listen to this, when he runs out of ammo - he starts flinging his own poo at the target! How cute is that?

One thing that has become apparent, greater consideration is needed in the development of more effective posterior armor development. It seems that though baboons love shooting things, it excites them and with that they raise their bums up from the prone fighting position.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Depths of OCD

See that bracket? It exhibits the true depths of obsessive compulsive disorder.

That bracket has done it's job well for more than forty years. In my hours of staring at things, well, it didn't stand up.

A few hours ago it was just hanging there doing it's job. It held up the end of that starter motor for years, just like the factory intended.

I painted it and let it do it's thing, do it's job.

But it has been in line of sight for a few weeks now. It stood out, that bracket. It is one of the few things on this here car that hasn't really been touched by me. Sure I cleaned it up and painted it, but that was about it.

After hours of looking at it, being a fine stock bracket, I was finally overtook with the realization that it is one of the few bits not worked over by me. That bracket was just like it came from GM forty years ago.

That certainly isn't quite right. Right?

It seemed too average. Too much factory, not enough hand of Scott.

So, that bracket made it's way under the drill press. It got some holes. 'Cause hotrods have holes. They make things light, right? Lighter goes faster, right?

I, just recently, talked about things looking right. Well, sometimes factory might be right but it doesn't look right. Or not right enough, maybe.

So, OCD kicks in and things happen.

When you are asking yourself why things don't move faster, here in the garage, take this into consideration. The depths of OCD go way down into my thinking. If I hadn't looked at that bracket for a few days - if it didn't yell so loudly about it's situation - things would move more quickly...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Your Little Hoodrat Pal

Alright, I have no explination. I think this band rocks. Nerds rock.

Maybe they are not nerds, what do I know?

Somehow I haved slacked on purchasing any music from The Hold Steady. I don't know why. I do know why, check that. They get all kinds of play on KEXP. For good reason, I think.

I am listening to some live feed from the Pitchfork Music Festival, broadcast by KEXP.

The Hold Steady rocks.
KEXP rocks.

I normally wouldn't do a double music video Saturday, but I think it is worth it...

Keep Your Distance

Amon Tobin

Cardboard, cont'd

Remember that post about building a car with cardboard? There were little white bits of carboard taped to the T. I talked about how most things here get made based on cardboard and visual guesstimation. I mentioned that the pictured cardboard bits were lacking some stuff seen only in my head.

At some point in this process cardboard and steel sort of merge. Steel really isn't much harder to manipulate than carboard, it is just different. Combining that cardboard and the steel and the head is the work.

Well, this is what they look like when the cardboard and imagination gets turned into steel. Outside of the pondering time, these only took a couple of hours to whip up.

The pondering time is what gets me, though. I go this whole process of looking at things. Then I looks at the car without the things. Then with again. So I can sort of determine if I am adding or detracting from my overall idea. I look at what I am working on from different angles or perspectives, to make sure things don't just seem right from one vantage point, but become part of the whole.

These post things took some looking. The angle looked right from the side initially, but then kind of stood up as you moved towards the back of the car. Their angle relative to my perspective would change and looked all wrong. So, that took some tweaking. They still lean out away from the body, but I think that might help keep some wind off of the face - or that is my story on that.

So, yeah. I shot some paint on these last night. Now that it has dried, I will need to stare at these some more, as insurance that they are right.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I sure like the idea of lettered shot glasses.
It allows you to play off two fisting shots as some sort of taste testing.
It seems very official.
It allows you to pace yourself a bit, too.
You can keep track of your tipping point.
For me, that would be right after E.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another cool van...

See, vans were cool.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Chariot Race


Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Felt Like a Gringo

Going way back...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Too Scary to Look

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cherry Parts

Ed Potter would be proud. I dig the dual quad set up. It looks like they pulled it right from the car and built the bike around it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

This one is for David...

Keep yer eye on it, man.
Don't let it get away...

Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Biker Nerd

I saw this over at one of those other sites I cannot resist. I had to post up a pic. I needed to share.

What a lovely combination of biker trike engineering and all-out nerdness.

A tough combo to pull of under any terms - just look at the success, this triumph in the absurd.

The biker/nerd guy must be an extra special kind of man. Think about that. I suppose he could be a lot like me, as I consider the implications of such varied interests. The marriage of those interests into one singular vision may be beyond my own abilities.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Look Serious

I dig the expressions on these guys faces.
Even though they know it is a posed shot, they have the look as if they are about to race to oblivian or glory.
Hell, the selection of cool machines dictates that expression, I guess.

Is that a Dodge double dip axle with Ford dropped ends grafted on?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More lion + car action?

Remember that post with the lion car contraption on the wall of death?

I guess times have changed, because it seems like there were a lot more folks looking for ways to include their pet lions in their motoring activities back in the day.

Like this guy, who hated to drive his mini-car around SF without taking along his lion cub?

KVC and I just took four cats to the vet. I assure you that I have no interest in finding similar solutions to the age old feline/motorsports conondrum.

Though, if I had a car with running boards this seems like a pretty darned good idea.