Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wedding Day

So, Alexis and that Dave fellow are getting married today...

I am there.
Or supposed to be there.

This song seemed appropriate.

Peter, Bjorn and John, along with Victoria - doing The Chills

I remember this song came on during their last visit.
I think back to talking with Alexis, laying some pretty heavy conversation on her.
She did the same, filling me on things deeper than are best not brought up in casual chit-chat.
Or, perhaps, they are things we should say more...

So, here we are.

Talking about the young folks...

Friday, September 26, 2008

robot week>end

Thursday, September 25, 2008

whir clank whir clank

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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Monday, September 22, 2008

Audio Selection

I just realized that I forgot to provide the Saturday Scott Music Interlude...

I'll make up for it with this...

I will sidestep the Clutch, with some Pure Rock Fury.

Robert Williams

Enchiladas de Amore, by Robert Williams

In talking with the Authwhore, the other day, we covered all kinds of ground. One such topic was art.
He gave me a puzzled look when I mentioned the work of Robert Williams.

So, here is a link.-

Go have a look...

beep click beep

Very little

Very little has transpired since the last T-Blogging installment.

The Authwhore was here,yesterday, and called me out on the lack of progress. He then proceeded to pre-occupy my thoughts with literary criticism, editorial functions and the burning of meat.

All of that, plus my own thinking, forced me to post on my lack of progress.

My talking with the Authwhore led to our solving of the worlds problems.
We were, rather unfortunately, too inebriated to recall the solutions we have discovered - to actually fix our f'd up situation.

So, I will just continue with my plans to take over the world.

And I will post this pic of the T, before I put the car in the garage...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Angh! Robot Week.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Itchy trigger finger

Perhaps I am just a disagreeable type. Maybe I just let too many things bother me.

There are a few things bugging me, I just thought I would share.
A Scott snapshot, if you will...

People backing into parking spaces, they bug me.
Perhaps I am missing something, but why the need to back into the parking space?
There is usually some poorly executed seventeen point turn, for douche bags to get their giant truck, luxury car or SUV navigated into a parking space, when they back in.
Somehow, I seem to have a knack for being right behind these folks - and having the chance to watch their lame attempt a parking a vehicle larger than is sensible.
What is the reason?
I can't imagine their escape is expedited much with all of the maneuvering.
What, are you volunteer firemen?

Utility companies buying television advertising - to tell me how much money they save me.
Wouldn't I see greater savings, if they did not buy prime time television spots? Send me literature about their public service?
I mean there is energy spent in all of this, theirs and mine. I am paying for that, right?
Plus, they have a near monopoly - so I can't go to the non-advertising provider.
Don't spend revenue to tell me how much money I am saving.
Perhaps, that cash could go to reducing my monthly bill, huh?
You're not that great, don't tell me you are.

Financial companies managing "wealth" while providing credit to all of the traders selling short, that is bugging the shit out of me right now.
Companies providing 401k management to customers - and at the same time providing credit to traders betting on the losses of the same investments they sell to their customer base.
Fucking irritating.
Whose interests are these companies serving? The retirement investor, the short seller or their own shareholders?
It is one hell of a ponzi scheme, which seems to undermine the concept of retirement savings, at the moment.
At a casino, I at least know who the house it.
Deal from one side of the table.

That is the short list today.

There isn't enough server space for me to go at length, with the long list.

Somebody better be tearing down walls.
I say - Line these bastards up!
'Cause I got an itchy trigger finger...
We can start the line right here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

alright, I am done posting pics from Blackhawk

What? Wait a minute...

We're bailing out AIG?

Bailing out AIG, to the tune of $85 billion dollars?

$85 billion dollars loaned on shakey collateral?

Shouldn't I get to vote on this, at least? I mean ignore the outcome of the vote if you must, but couldn't I at least vote on my share of an $85 billion dollar loan?

Could I at least vote on whether anybody at AIG who made more than $50,000 last year has to work for free for the next few months. Or vote on whether or not folks had to return their bonus for last years "success"? Could I have a say as to whether the management team at AIG had to return their stimulus checks, at least? If share-holders needed to return half of their dividends?

I mean sure, the money has probably already paid for vacations, boats or beach houses.

Can't I get some sort of satisfaction in knowing that the bastards who put the plane into a nose-dive have to work weekends, for a while?

I guess if anybody had asked, I might ask that my portion of the front for a $858 billion dollar loan buy a fire truck, or go to some computers for a school, or was the raise for some poor schmuck who has done three tours in Iraq.

Instead I get my share of 80% of a company that has been driven into the shitter? And my only possible return is that it might not default, even under Fed control?

Perhaps I would have rather ridden this thing into the ground. Perhaps I would like those half-wit AIG MBA's to get jobs filling sand bags in Afganistan.

It could be that I would rather see the market genuinely adjust itself - than bail out the greedy shits which destroyed it.

It wouldn't be pretty, but hell, even a Roosevelt style back to work initiative would probably cost the same as the ante for an $85 billion loan - and we would get some rebuilt infrastructure out of the deal. I could be fine with communism, as long as we were straight up and honest about our intentions.

But if we are running a free market system, shouldn't the bullshit be forced to take a flush down the bowl? That would be a correction, at least - not a crutch to prop up the tipping shit pile.

Hasn't the right been saying, for years, that we couldn't trust the Fed to run something so costly as managed health care? Are we saying that the Fed should be able to manage the assets of a multi-national, multi-tier financial and insurance business? Doesn't that seem a contridiction?

I mean we are talking about $85 billion dollars!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have always thought the B-26 had some great lines.

Not that you can actually see much of this one.
It looks like it's wearing French colors, too.
How is this for an action shot, though?

Market Adjustment

Yeah, market adjustment...

I could also title this Reaganomics Roosting, or any of a number of clever things.

Is it wrong to be compelled by such an economic downturn? Probably. The whole elephant argument for free markets and deregulation just makes this a bit funny, to me at least.
But when one is so confronted with such a turn, which so messes with the pig fuckers and greed whores, it is hard not to be a bit amused.

As I was sitting in classes, recently, I was shocked by the institutional teaching of constant growth. It seemed delusional, to me. Yet that absurd premise is accepted methodology in today's marketplace. So little regard has recently been given to the causality of overvalued balance sheets, underfunded corporate borrowing, fraudulent growth expectations and the reality of our economic situations.

Adjustment was inevitable...

Lehman Bros. has collapsed and Merrill Lynch has run for the door. AIG has joined the loosing team, as well. It all happened because of their efforts to cash out on the American dream - at the expense of the American people.

Constant growth.

So, here we are.
A world market behaving as a dive bomb, golden parachutes have been deployed and the global economy is in a soon to be shambles.

Then there is the price of oil. Weren't we just hearing that the run-up in oil prices didn't have anything to do with speculators? Yet, even in the face of OPEC pumping cuts and refinery shut downs, as the rest of the market falls into decline - the price of crude drops. Sure, there are larger factors at work. I get that, but I am also not an idiot and I do have a memory that spans more that 72 hours. If you tell me that a portion of the reduced price of oil is not due to decreased capital/credit available to commodities brokers, I'll laugh in your face.

I hope you sold short, because the rest of 'em are taking it in the shorts.

If you didn't, well I hope you have a tanker of gas, ammo and some water stashed in some remote location. Mad Max meets Grapes of Wrath shit is what I am talking about.

Perhaps, we should all go shopping, for freedom.
We can charge it...

Monday, September 15, 2008

this is what the future looked like, forty years ago

a very nice office

Sunday, September 14, 2008


A reminder.

Something to look at everyday.
Something to remind me to fight for things I give a shit about.

I had a sketch in the book for years. A drawing that was what I saw as the mark that would remind me to protect and fight for things I loved, the things that I am passionate about.

Jason, at FTW Tattoo, consolidated my vision into this.

There it is. My own arm. The arm I swing first in a fight.
A reminer to fight for right, to fight for love, to fight for - and defend the things that matter most to me. A reminder to fight for and defend the things that power me, the things I am passionate about.
No matter how deep the fight might cut me.

A reminder to be true...


prettynotgood is not ready to take your money.

It was only a matter of time, right?

I don't really plan on making any dosh, but this amuses me.

There will be some t-shirts up soon.
You can look pretty not good, too.

All proceeds will go to me taking over the world.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

detail, the body of this car is fabricated from formed strips of tulipwood

this is some crazy Cadillac concept car and it is awesome

Goddamned Jesus

This might be the best country/western song I have ever heard.

Heartbreak, anger and Jesus makes for some great lyrics.

Earth Operations Business Center

So, I showed off some pics of the framis reactor, which will provide much of the power for my plan to take over the world. The reactor site, though impressive, is no place to receive world and industry leaders. Pictured above are the Earth business offices for my plans of global domination.

I wanted to create a space which was forward looking. An environment that would convey my undeniable vision of the world I will soon control, imply a sense of the greatness I am bringing to the table, as well as function as a comfortable space for me to conduct the tasks of epic self-empowerment - while not being too over the top.

I figure I will have to greet the leaders of various governments, along with Bill Gates types. I really wanted a space that would suggest that I am the kind of guy who can pull this off, but I certainly didn't want anything garish or tacky. I was going for professional and futuristic.

Interior spaces were especially difficult. The same design parameters applied, of course. I also had to consider the mental/emotional state of my guests. They will, without doubt, have some sense of defeat or be ready to subvert themselves to my vision of the future. That contrast could lead to some uncomfortable moments, so I utilized these bubble-kinda chairs in the lobby. I think they will allow for a bit of privacy, for the folks waiting to join my cause or submit to my whim.

I don't want anybody to be embarassed about joining my cause, they should have a sense of excitement. I have to consider desparate James Bond types. People, baboonbots and so on have to get some actual work done. Plus, folks I know might stop by for lunch or something. I think the space to allows for all of that - and looks pretty good doing it.

There are so many considerations, when you are taking over the world. I think I have found a nice balance here in the business offices for the operation, though. Things are really coming together nicely.

You can just see the edge of the tunnel for the monorail, in the top picture, which connects the offices with the reactor and the launch platforms. I hate to give too much away, though. You will just have to see it for yourself.

I will post up some pictures of my office, when I get a chance.
Oh, and I found a great command chair for the moon base. I will post some pics of that, too.
Really nice.

I just have a bit of work to do at the framis reactor, before things can go on-line. The dilithium 232 modulator has been back-ordered for weeks now, quite a drag, but I'll get there.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Black Belt Patriotism

Chuck Norris is set to release Black Belt Patriotism. The book is, apparently, the Chuck Norris plan for getting the nation back on track.

At first I was skeptical that there would be a market for such a book, what with the flood of similar books on the market – written by any number of folks who might be better suited to present such lofty ideas. Upon further reflection, I realized that Chuck Norris is as well experienced as our current president to speak on such matters. He as acted like he is tough on crime, he has pretended to win wars and has simulated going after terrorists. With consideration, I think this book will equal anything ghost written under George W. Bush’s name.

I will have to, at least, thumb through this roadmap of reform – if only to be sure there are chapters titled:

Judo Chop National Debt

Side Kick Pork Barrel Spending

Throw a Roundhouse Punch at the Welfare System

Give the National Budget a Total Body Work Out

For me, the rest of the book can be crap. There had better some good leads, that is all I am hoping for…

Note: This was a submission to There is stuff worth checking out, over there.
Go check it.

one for Jim

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more cars at Blackhawk

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

yup, Blackhawk

Monday, September 8, 2008


So, here it is.

Following KVC's surgery and some thinking - it was decided that KVC was deserving of some greater luxury than afforded by a 10+ year old truck.

The criteria laid down by KVC was some greater fuel efficiency and something cool. I was hoping for something that went like a hell-bat, was cool and met the KVC goals.

We did some shopping, all over. The Mazda 3 turbo was leading the list, but in our effort to exhaust options we stumbled upon this thing. A 2008 Pontiac G6 GXP, not new but new to us.

After some haggling, it has lived with us about a month...

I am pretty sure we are both satisfied. It goes like stink, with 260hp and a auto/manual select gearbox. It has disks on all four, so it hauls to a stop as quick as it goes. The interior cues on the Axis Power's sport sedans, plus some bonus bits. Added bonus, it is a GM product.

It feels small and sporty, though now that I see it in the garage it absolutely dwarves the Model T. I would have thought it was much smaller, externally, until I had some comparison.

So, the cat is out of the bag I guess.

more Blackhawk

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beergineering Cont'd

Here is that beergineering project at the next step.

Yeah, it is another bit that I have made that will probably never be noticed or seen when things are done. I am good at that goofy sort of thing.

I had noticed some cool heat plates under carbs on vintage race cars, so I had to have one. This one isn't as complicated as some that I have seen, when compared to the euro cars I got the idea from, but it should do something. It might just look nifty to me, but that is something, right?

A bit of time with my goofy drill driven swap-meet nibbler, some filing and some swirly action under the drill press is all it took.

F'd by Fannie and Freddie

Fannie May and Freddie Mac were supposed to help folks like me by a home. They were built to make the mortage market work for the good of average Americans.

The Fed has calculated that the implicit debt guarantee for the two is somewhere between $122 billion and $182 billion dollars.

Fannie and Freddie barely lowered the cost of borrowing for folks like me though. It seems that nearly $79 billion dollars was paid out in dividends to shareholders, rather than making it easier for working folks to get a loan.

Now it is bail-out time.

Do you suppose they will get much of that $79 billion back to fund this bail-out? Do you think that the subsidy Fannie and Freddie used to pay for lobbyists campaigning for a lack of regulation regarding their exploitation of margins between government-gauranteed borrowing and commercial lending income will be returned?

Or do you suppose that our great grand children will be paying for all of this?


from our visit to the Blackhawk museum

this might be the best race car livery ever...


McCain Delivered Nixon's Speech

I have given myself a few days to digest what went down at the RNC. I missed some of the head flapping, due to some ER action, but I think I got the gist of it.

First, the Palin-drone. I am still pretty sure I don't know anything about the woman, or at least anything that is not scripted. Smart choice I guess, Palin, short of picking a veep candidate from another country you couldn't find anybody less known. She sorta seems like McGovern's pick of Eagleton. Experience or no? Reformer or governor who spent a quarter mil on a lobbyist to find some pork money for the home state? It seems to really open the door on lots of questions regarding McCain's campaign, to date.

Then there was the big show.

McCain delivered the same speech the GOP has used for forty years. Sure, there was some hero talk added, as expected. He brought up some Ruskie fear mongering, lower taxes, unexplained reforms and the culture of life line. The speech was greeted with cheers in the same way that fans of the Rocky Horror Picture show cheer, because the audience knew exactly what was coming. It might have been the most wooden acceptance of a presidential nomination I have ever witnessed.

I couldn't help but picture John as Frankenstein, stitched together dead bits brought back into this world. A monster adrift with his maker, on a raft of burning planks.

I know, that is pretty harsh. I actually liked McCain nine months ago, it hurts me too. It is the truth, however, and if you came away from that speech with anything but disappointment you were probably chanting USA too loudly to hear it.

McCain was a maverick, he has instigated change, he is a hero. How he could allow himself to be so radically be retooled by the party - and present himself as he did maddens and saddens me. Running as the man of change and talking about doing and delivering the same is a hard sell. The speech was a promotion of pandering to the GOP base - and I guess that is fine, that is his job now.

I am just left thinking that the world that the GOP base lives in is shrinking. The platform is built to support anti-choice greed-whores.
I am loosing patience with the culture of people who are willing to feed on conservative punditry and buy into the selfish notion that their best interests are more important the best interests of a world population that is slipping into poverty and discord.
Compassionate conservatism, may ass. Self servicing imposition on the rights and lives of ones peers, in an effort to pad a few folks retirements is more to the point.

This election season marks moment in time, at which we might choose to be better people collectively, domestically and globally.

Nine months ago I almost believed that McCain understood that. Today, not so much.

Tropic Thunder Protests - Retarded

Yeah, I said it, all of those protests by/for the folks with "developmental opportunities" against the movie Tropic Thunder were f'n retarded.


I saw the movie a couple weeks back. I am still giggling about parts of it. I am amazed that more groups didn't feel the need to protest the film. I am kinda left thinking that some overly opportunistic organizer for a retard rights group put everybody up to the marching and interviews.

Tropic Thunder doesn't pull many punches, when it comes to making Hollywood folks look dumb - not the retards. It makes Jewish businessmen look pretty ugly, in one of Tom Cruise's best performances to date. There is the white guy, Robert Downey, playing an Australian who is playing a black guy - an effort which might have pissed of the NAACP and Russel Crowe. Frankly, I am surprised that SAG actors wanted to be in the film because it makes you think that they might generally be outwitted by retards.

Tropic Thunder is offensive in the same way that Blazing Saddles was offensive. It sets out to make every character an extreme caricature, pulling out the shitty slime that exists in all of our stomachs and showcasing it for amusement.

In fact, the only character in the whole movie that does not get made into a contemptible ass is the retarded kid.

Tropic Thunder is funny.
It is a comedy.
There is no need to over-think the story.
There is no need to be retarded about it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

In Heaven

In heaven.

In heaven, my cats use the toilet.
In heaven the phone only rings when I want it to.
In heaven, I can weld time and matter with my mind.

I live closer to the mountains and the desert and the sea, in heaven.
I can fly, in heaven.

In heaven, people are less disgusting.
In heaven, folks are more polite.

There is a neighborhood bar, just down the road from my place, in heaven.
The Pixies play there on Thursday nights, in heaven.

You have got your own thing, in heaven.

I've got mine.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hell Ride

Yeah! It is about time we had some kind of new biker movie!

And it involves that Tarantino guy, so you know there will be plenty of shooting and gore. I have a good feeling about this one. Well, at least it isn't some kind of Fast and Furious, battling break-dancer gangs on motorcycles movie.

I will probably just see it once, and get bored about halfway through.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


What do you suppose the thinking was with white coveralls for mechanics. I guess it shows off the reliability of the car, if the mechanic is still crisp and fresh at the end of the race. White overalls, hmm.

Monday, September 1, 2008


This is what goes on while I am chatting on the phone...