Monday, April 25, 2016


Do you have those recipes that stick with you, but are usually in the back of your head?

You know, the ones you've made before, liked, tweaked, varied, made again and forget about for a while...
Only to have them show up and wow you again.

My sister shared one with me years ago and we made it together, after a day of market wandering.
(I will spare you my version, it is a lot like this one, by Mark Bitterman,)
The sister version involved whitefish, if I remember correctly.  Maybe that was just there on the plate, along with the pasta, now that I think about it...

Anyway, I made a variation of this over the weekend.
Pretty close to the linked recipe, plus some clams...
It's clam city here, so steaming some Littlenecks off in a bit of veggie broth and butter, then putting that ocean brine broth in the bottom of a bowl with everything else on top - well, it was not bad.

Maybe this post is about sharing recipes or time with others, cooking or something else entirely...

I don't know.

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