Friday, April 1, 2016

Coldah & Hawtah

Yeah, I guess this has made national news.
This Rhode Island state rebranding effort, to attract tourists.

So, folks here are absolutely losing their shit over this deal...
Sorta funny to watch, as an outsider.

(Outsider status is a two way thing.  I am not so attracted to their little local club, the locals are in no hurry to embrace me.  I am viewed as a foreigner by most people here.  I'm fine with that...)

Anyway, back to this branding effort, it is a bit of a mess.

They hired some famous designer for that logo.  The "I heart NY" guy did it.
Cooler and warmer, the sail/sharkfin deal is not quite destined for similar icon status, I am guessing.

They made a video/commercial to go along and it featured footage from Iceland, among local shots.
The editors of the video suggest both the skateboarder and cinematographer of the Iceland shot are from here, but yeah.  Oops.

There is, of course, a website to go along with all this.
It doesn't actually use this logo, provides outdated information and points out destinations across the state line.

Sure, it is a mess.
It all comes off as amateurish and a bit dull...

But, honestly, it's been such a blunder that it made the news outside of Rhode Island.
It's, probably, the first time anybody outside of New England has even thought about this place in years.

 Maybe that was the plan from the start...
(It wasn't.)

So, come visit Rhode Island - where the people are cold and their tempers are hot.

Or something like that, I've forgotten the slogan already.
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