Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Well, I am setting you up with another link to one of the sites I keep sending you too, again.

This election cycle I find things so terrifying that I can hardly address it without some manner of abstraction.  Thinking of the larger implications makes it easier for me to not fixate on the outrageous things candidates are either saying or doing, and beyond that how our media reacts to those things.
Sure, it is a veil of denial that I am employing.
Whatever gets you though the night, you know...

Anyway, another article touching on cultural ripples which shape our collective response to politics and politicians, from Bill Bishop.  Here is the sample, for you...

We look for proximate causes for this widespread disaffection and find them aplenty on front pages and Facebook feeds. There’s always another story of things gone bad. But this search is too narrow. Because the roots of our discomfort — and today’s angry politics — won’t be found in bad trade deals, stupid leaders or economic distress. Instead, our personal and electoral dyspepsia is the consequence of modernity itself.

Here is the link.

I do believe this one is worth a couple minutes...
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