Thursday, April 21, 2016


How about a vaguely dull article about economic stuff?
That's always fun, right...

I often puzzle over the subject of investor demand for continuous growth.  Sure, it's something that can be fairly easily quantified and then understood.

The demands in imposes are seemingly unsustainable, long term.  Beyond that, is it really and effective measuring tool across models?

This caught my eye, in The Atlantic-

I’ve consulted to multiple Fortune 100 CEOs who have actually broken down in tears as they’ve recounted selling their companies’ few productive assets in order to show growth to shareholders. They are tired of cannibalizing their own businesses, laying off loyal employees, and making their companies less enduring just to satisfy the demands of short-term growth imposed by the market.

Not saying we should institute quarterly pity parties for CEO's, or anything.  There is more to the article than this snippet.  Read it if you want...

Here is a link to the whole article...
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