Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Opening Day

A day late, but whatever...

Snow sucks.  Opening day snowed out...
(Keep your climate change jokes to yourself.)

So, it's today.
Hell they had games on Sunday, too, which is just weird...

Where is my head on the season?

Red Sox hope, I guess.
Perhaps, I have been assimilated on the front.
My optimism on Betts has been unbroken since seeing him here on the minor's roster.  Dude is good.
The rest of the line up, ehhh, I need to see how all these guys play together, a bit.  There is a lot of talent.
I look forward to the Sox, likely, building up my hopes only to slowly destroy them in mid-August.
Maybe that is just my own pessimism, or emotional defense...

Other coast?
Well, the Giants have their line up pretty well sorted.  They'll get runs, for sure.
The rest of it, I don't know enough about, but they are a damned reliable factory.

What else...

The Phillies, probably not a great season.  Rebuilding and all that, you know...
They'll be fun to watch what evolves from that, maybe.

Christ, couldn't we all just let the Cubbies win one.  We won't talk about it, but maybe?
Astros?  I think they might get somewhere this year, which is something I haven't thought, well, ever.
Maybe Harper carries the Nat's to the series?

Who cares that there are inches of snow on the ground here and forecast temp's in the teens tonight?

It's baseball season - and that is a season of hope...
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