Friday, April 8, 2016

Hear Me Out

Listen, I have always had a bit of a futurist streak in me.

For years, hell, decades even, we have had some random folks working on the whole flying car thing.
All that time, we've heard how many problems it would solve and how liberating it would be and so on...

Honestly, I can't believe we haven't sorted it out yet...
Always thought it would be great, zooming around in my personal air-car like some Jetsons character.

C'mon, admit it, it would be super cool.
Deep down, you probably want one too...

But the other day, I came to a realization...
I am willing to suspend the flying car pipe dream.  Just give up that bit of the grand future, for one thing.

Self-folding laundry.

Think about that, would you...

I mean, we've got all these nano materials in the works.
We already have metals that can be crushed and return to their original state, you know, now and shit.

Could we redirect whatever energy we currently dedicate to flying fucking cars and get a fitted bed sheet that would fold itself?

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