Monday, February 15, 2016


Never been on a snowmobile.

Which seems odd, now that I think about it, coming from the midwest...
It seemed like people had snowmobiles there, when I was a kid.
Maybe it was just snowmobile suits?
Those were around for sure.  I had one.
Because it was cold in the winter, there...

Snowmobiles seem like a fun idea, in the abstract.

Dreaming of scenes like that picture...

Crisp air, travel through landscapes, throttle fun.

It might be my pragmatic side that has held me back from heading to NH and finding some snowmobile rental deal.

First, rental, with damage waiver and cost and whatever trail they happen to have you jump on with every other dipshit non-snowmobile owning tourist.
That experience is not what I want from a snowmobile experience.

Then, when I really think about it, I think of hot and cold.  The hot engine melting the snow on you, from the waist down.  Just enough for that cold damp creep, slipping past zippers.
And the cold, cold enough to have snow hanging around.  Cold enough that any wind stings whatever skin is unfortunate enough to be left exposed...

Probably aughta try it, I guess.
Just to be sure whether the scale tips to the fun or the suck, after a day of it...

(Also, electric snowmobiles seem like a thing that should exist.  I get that all throttle brapping is part of the fun of snowmobiling.  Still, the idea of a semi-silent snow machine really appeals to me.  Quietly slipping between pines, softly crunching in the snow, that sorta sounds more like what the experience should be like, maybe.  Perhaps the technology is getting to the place where that might be possible, without fear of dead batteries after a twenty minute outing?)
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