Friday, February 19, 2016


So, I took a break here for a while for a couple reasons...

My life got hyper complicated while at the same time I was desperate to simplify it.

I still haven't figured that out, either side of it, really.
Just doing it.
Winging it.
That is about all I am good at, maybe.

How does any of that relate to this video, you ask?
Well, I am learning some simplifications can complicate your life.
I sold off my old buddy pick up, in that simplification process.
It made sense, sort of, at the time.
One person doesn't exactly need two cars and two motorcycles dedicated to their daily whim.

I am not convinced...

See, I watch this video and I am reminded of that dirt bike desire that keeps nagging at me.
But you can't ride dirt bikes on the street (ignoring the whole enduro conversation, here).
So, to have that other motorcycle I don't exactly need...
I need a truck.
A truck I don't need, to haul a bike I don't need.

Because I want to do the thing.
Not a possession thing, but a tool thing.
A tool as a means to a sensation, an expression.

I don't know...

Those people look like they're having some fun though.
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