Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Car Fence

I love this guy.

He is some farmer dude from Utah.
He has lived on the land his farm occupies since he was seven years old.

Recently, a row of McMansions went up along his property line.
No doubt some tasteless douchebags wanted a pastoral landscape to raise their fat little shit kids in. We can guess that they used subprime loans to finance their way into this bucolic wonderland.
Reportedly, the McMansion neighbors loved the view.

It seems that they were less enamored with the bugs associated with the horses. The manure smell was quite distasteful. They found the dust stirred up in normal farming activities to be most irritating.

So, farmer dude offered to split the cost of a fence in an effort to appease the suburban sprawling carpet baggers. The fence idea didn't fly.

Farmer dude decided that some junk cars he had left over from past demolition derbies and what not would, perhaps, make a great fence.

There it is, a fence made of cars. It is a shame that farmer dude didn't have more cars around, because three hardly seems like much fence.

See, it seems to me that if you move next to a farm - you don't get to complain about the flies and farm smells.
You probably don't get to moan much about neighbors shooting off guns, riding dirtbikes in circles or blowing things up, either. If I had some acreage in the middle of nowhere, those would all be things I would damned well be doing.
In my mind, that is why a person lives in the middle of BFE - to not have to deal with people, especially whiny pissants and atrocious pig fuckers.

But that is just me...
And maybe this farmer dude, a little bit.
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