Saturday, January 19, 2008

Idiot Idol

It sure seems like a season of media right now.
The new season of American Idol is upon us.
And the election action is in full swing, which devolved into something a lot like American Idol.

I will admit to seeing some of the first episode of American Idol. I was just sitting there, eating my dinner trying to think about not thinking about things - when on comes American Idol.
With big sweeping shots of arenas and football fields and convention centers full of people, "all hoping to be the next American Idol..."

Holy fucking shitballs!
Thousands of people lined up like cows at the meat packing plant.
Only this machine packs up humiliation along with just a bit of celebrity.

The celebrity is the E Coli in the hundred pound package of humiliation hamburger.

Thousands of people in line to perform. Thousands of delusional, mediocre narcissists, hoping to become the next American Idol.
Millions, millions of people tune in, to watch these folks croak like frogs for three absurd judges of stardom.
Judges handing down sentences of false hope or facing up to the reality that your singing sucks (and thus so does the rest of your life).

How did we get to this point?
Are we, collectively, this oafish? This stupid?

It makes me want to open the borders. Clearly, the gene puddle here on the American Island is failing us.
I saw the evidence, with those self-conscious dullards, whose only real hope of embetterment is the long shot they karaoke better than everybody else.
We need some fresh genetic stock here.
And perhaps a system of social values which good, solid work more than the greedy new rich and celebrity insanity.

I know that won't happen though. We have made the turn.
There are dopes propped up in/by their protective self serving circles. Too many art school grad's, all making art that looks like similar advertising. Too many DJ's and dudes "making beats" which sound shockingly similar and are less made than rearranged. Too many self appointed experts, reporters and pundits churning out shite "information" via the blogosphere (myself included).

You tell me that the blog is great, and I will tell you that your singing voice is amazing.
Deep down, we both know that those are lies.
We like to hear nice things said about ourselves.
We like to think our lives are more merit worthy than they actually are.
We deserve the next American Idol.
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