Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Anybody holding one of these?

What a handsome old truck...

I have mentioned my trucklessness previously.
It still stings a bit...
I was told to shut up about it recently, my the missus, because, well, we just don't own a truck any more.

Most days, of course, I don't need a truck.
Hell, most days I work from home and don't even need a car.
Now that we're home owners, all of those convenient truck things now present themselves as challenges.

Things like grabbing some lumber for a project, can't quite do that.  Does my desire to buy a few bags of compost outweigh the idea of compost stink in my little buggy, it has not yet.
I still can do stuff.  A surprising amount of stuff fits in my car, with rear seats folded down.
But a sheet of plywood just ain't gonna happen.

And I get to this circular conversation, why not an old project truck?

Well, I already have these other house projects, which probably wouldn't get done if I was distracted by the cool old project truck, but those other projects would be a lot easier with a truck to haul some stuff around in...

(What I probably should be thinking, is how to hire out these silly projects, so that I can skip out and do other fun shit.)
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