Monday, May 23, 2016

Broken Shrimps

I am just gonna put this our there, because I am not sure if I am nuts.
I might be...

I do have a capacity for the OCD, at times.  Sometimes that part of my brain can be switched off, other times the tiniest details can make me insane.

Yesterday, we were out, doing stuff, meeting up with a friend, your standard weekend activities.
I have already had a dull, uninspiring snack from another restaurant, so the food OCD was on, but not in overdrive.

Snack stop number two, my gal orders a bit of shrimp cocktail.
It's a seafood place, so, that's what you get on the appetizers menu...
Those shrimps come out (not the ones in the picture) and there, sitting right in front of me is a shrimp with tail broken off...

The tail is still attached, just hanging off the rest of that shrimp.

That really bothered me, for some reason...
Well, a lot of reasons, if I get into it.
There really isn't much to get wrong with shrimp cocktail, ya know?
It's shrimp, some sauce and some lemon, on top of some ice.
Like 50% is just paying for pretty presentations, really.  Just don't make it ugly, pile it on a plate like you give half a damn.

So, staring at this sad, broken shrimp, I start to extrapolate...
If this crap presentation is acceptable, just what else is acceptable in that kitchen?
This shrimp cocktail is the easiest thing the have going, what goes wrong and gets by in other dishes?
When was that walk in last stripped and cleaned?
What is this on my fork?
And about then, I am ready to leave...

I stuck it out, because I am functional.
I even ate that shrimp, truth be told...

But it took me ten minutes to be OK with eating that shrimp.

It's not OCD, really.  I know...
Or maybe it is.

It's high expectations.
The mediocre is what bugs me, especially combined with high pretense.

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