Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Independence Day

Since moving to the northeast, I have been introduced to a bunch of holidays that I didn't know existed.
It's a little weird, because folks here just imagine that everybody knows about them...

How about Patriots Day, ever heard of that?

It's a real thing.
Boston just about shuts down for it
I still don't know the whole story on it, but presume it has something to do with some revolutionary era stuff...
(Or Tom Brady, people here love 'em some Tom Brady.)

Here in the Ocean State it's Independence Day, today.


It turns out today was the day old timey Rhode Islanders said "screw you" to the English crown.
The first of the colonies to do so, actually...
Which is kinda funny, when you consider that the whole damned state is so tiny that nearly every map you look at needs to point it out with a little arrow.

Anyway, happy Independence Day...
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