Monday, May 2, 2016


Man, here is something I completely forgot about making, made one last night and now feel like a dope for not making 'em a couple times a month...

The galette.

Really, super simple stuff...
Basic pie crust.
Saute some stuff you like.
Season appropriately.
Put it in the middle of that crust.
Maybe add some cheese, or whatever.
Fold over the edge of that pie crust.
Give that crust an egg wash.
Maybe put some parm on that crust.

I went with leeks, mushrooms, squash, some spinach and flat parsley.  Gruyere on the bottom and stinky blue cheese  on top.
Some leftovers would work great, like some roasted chicken or maybe some short ribs.
Put galette in your search thing, you'll get ideas.

Seriously, savory pie for dinner?

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