Thursday, November 7, 2013

Last Nights Dream

Not actually from last night...

Another one of those sorta television show dreams...

The show was like your standard cop drama thing.
You know, Law & Order kind of thing.
But then the turn is that the cops are actually deranged killers.
So that catch some guy and start torturing him...
Cutting on the guy, burning him with an iron.
You know, bad guy stuff.

Then, perhaps because my subconscious decided that was too heavy...
We go to commercial.
Yeah, a commercial break in my dream about a TV show.

It was for Peasantettes.
Which were like a kibble for all your impoverished rabble.
Just one Peasantette a day meets all their nutritional needs, apparently.
At a much lower cost than actual food.
There was a jingle and everything.
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