Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Food Mind Dump

I haven't really rambled on about food for some time here.
Not sure why...

My schedule has occupied evenings a lot, lately, so sneaking out for a snack hasn't been happening, maybe.
Been into tweaking on things I make, as well.  You know, remaking things for a couple weeks to see if I can make 'em better.

Also, I feel like writing about food is dumb.  Just this moment, in my head.  
I read too many bits, from too many different sources, in the last few months using the word umami, so now I hate food writing.

Food writing people, just ease off on the umami talk.  We get it.  Just shut up about it 'til ramp season, maybe.  Give me a break...


Here are some new favorite spots-
This veggie joint, The Grange, is really good.  It's vegetarian and really good, which just usually isn't the case.  Food with flavor, excellent beverage list, service on point.  This feels like a place that should be on the other coast, honestly.

Our new fav pizza steez, Figidini.  You know, all of the current pizza place buttons are pushed here.  Wood fired, warm environment, another spot with a well curated booze selection.  Anyway, I like this place.  Husband and wife effort, you can feel that every bit has been considered.

The more famous place on this list, I guess, is Farmstead.  The chef has gotten some attention, deservedly so.  They do a lot of meat and cheese board action, plus more dinner plate style cooking.  They have a little shop too buy stuff for home, as well, so a tiny retail/restaurant vision.  Another place with a great wine list.

So, maybe you catch the theme of the food scene here in Providence. 
I dig all three and have hit 'em up more than once...

Finally know more than three decent places to eat here.

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