Tuesday, November 26, 2013


So, sure, it's a post about Kanye...
I apologize right outta the box for that.

His whole Yeezus drop has been getting press for perhaps being big concept art stuff.
Along with, maybe, his whole schtick...
Which, I am not sure I want to get into.
Not because I don't say I could dive pretty deep into the topic, because I could.
Just not sure I want to swim in that toilet bowl right at the moment...
So, I am posting this.

The original West video is goddamned funny, and I can't tell if that is intentional.
I might guess not, because the dude seems to take himself pretty seriously.

But then, boom, there is this parody video...
Maybe too soon to not be known about by Kanye.
Or maybe Franco and Rogan just jumped on it, because it deserves the response.

Anyway, the combination of the two videos side by side, for me, elevates the whole deal to high art.
Neither video lives at that altitude, singularly.  Only the combination, both together.
The mirror starts reflecting back on itself, and an infinite loop of absurdity develops...
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