Thursday, May 18, 2017


OK, so here is a dumb transition topic of conversation for you: Lunch.

You know, I moved, across the country...
Opposite side of the continent.

I still work for the same folks, so I follow their regular schedule.
It's an early start and that would seem like the hardest part to deal with...
Starting my work day at six in the morning.

But no, that hasn't been an issue at all, really.
Sure, I wouldn't mind lounging in bed longer, but no big thing.

The hard part about that schedule is eating.
First, maybe it's because of the long days, the altitude shift or whatever...
I seem to always be hungry.
Second, what kind of eating schedule goes well with that?
My peers are off to lunch about the time I am ready for cereal.
Cravings for random foods kick in about the time most restaurant kitchens are doing prep work.

First world problem, for sure.

Thought I would share...
It's 9:00 AM here and I am craving some Thai noodles.
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