Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dog Food

Care to know what my current food peeve is?

It's "bowls."

Sure, they have been around for a bit.

KFC had one of the first I remember, with mashed potatoes and crap.
Those Chipotle burrito bowls.

(Because I guess the tortilla is just to much when ordering food by the pound.  And that is gonna get me started on calling torillas wraps, too.  Those are not "wraps" people.  Look at them, they are clearly tortillas with perhaps some chlorophyll.)

Anyway, back on the left coast bowls are big.
I walked past a restaurant over the weekend whose whole schtick is bowls.
There is one on our list of places to try, which I resist at present, on principle.

Because of the bowl.
I don't know, man, it just bugs me.
It seems like lazy cooking and presentation.
Or I don't know...
Sure I get deconstruction and reformatting ingredients, I understand all of that.

I, maybe, just want a little more execution than what gets put into what I serve the dogs...

Let's just try to be civilized people, a bowl is only a half step away from a trough.

Have some dignity.
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