Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day

Yeah, so it's May Day.

Are you more of a dance around the Maypole kind of person?
Or an International Workers Day type?

Do people even do that Maypole thing anymore?
Somebody must be doing that somewhere, right?
Twirling ribbons while wearing special, little outfits and whatever.

How about that Workers Day bit?
You don't see too many marches for the working stiffs, really.
Maybe those Fight for $15 deals count?
I guess those count.

I think Trump declared today Loyalty Day, as well.
Given the measure of the first one hundred with that guy...
The application of May Day as a distress call seems to also work, today.
Stop trying to make Loyalty Day a thing, dude.

So, happy May Day...

If you are down with the May Day thing.
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