Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Only Natural

Do you have any friends that do the paleo diet thing?

That shit tickes me.  You've heard of it right?
People try to follow a diet similar to what we imagine cavemen might have eaten.
I am paraphrasing the premise, of course, I am sure there is some dude, in a white coat, doing television appearances on the subject, delivering a very expert opinion.

So, you know, that whole premise of understanding our natural state - maybe, that is the part that interests me.

Here is a bit on that subject I found fun to read and ponder.  Excerpt-

One of the central conceits of the “man’s natural state” argument is that if we go back to some point in time, we’ll find it. We’ll finally come across the state of being where man lived totally in harmony with each other and with nature; eating the perfect diet for health, worshipping the correct gods, having sex in the natural and acceptable way.

That link is a bit of a rabbit hole, so apologies.  It's an article on a book, with links to tangents.  The article is enough to make me want to read the book.

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