Monday, March 7, 2016


What is it about celebrity that has gotten so amplified lately?

I have been pondering on this a lot, recently.
The election cycle, well, that has amplified my consideration of how fame has garnered an intrinsic level of associated/perceived power, but I think it goes beyond that.
Perhaps the social currency celebrity generates is now valued more by our culture and thus craved more at a personal level?

There are probably a dozen great books or studies on the subject, I just haven't bothered to look for 'em.

This guy, famous artist guy, I mean that is kind of funny but I am not sure that he is joking.
But by declaring himself famous, somehow, has gained him access to the real world art business, which is something a bit hard even for arguably more talented artists...

Being famous seems more important the younger you look, demographically, which fascinates me.
There are kids of friends who have listed that as there greatest ambition, though with follow up questions they never seem to have an answer for what they want to be famous for...
The abstract ends are valued more than the means, I guess.

And there is this cancer kid, here in this state, which might be what got these gears turning.
Out of consideration or good taste, I resisted jumping in to a post that that subject, yet here I am...
What drives a terminal child to select fame as his "make a wish" dream?
He just wants to be famous, he said that...
He's just a kid, and as a society we've taught him that is the greatest goal or ambition?

Probably not done thinking about this, but I am not sure how deeply I want to think about it...
It seems a toilet swirl of depressing suck, if I dwell on it too long.
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