Monday, March 21, 2016


Hey, uhm, wait a minute...

I feel like I must have missed a big story, somewhere.

A Marine was killed by a rocket attack on a forward fire base, in Iraq, over the weekend?
Eight others were wounded?

That is, of course, tragic...

I was fully aware that we're actively engaged in operations against ISIS, sure.
There are probably all manner of spec ops things going on that we'll never hear about.  Sure.
Did I miss the story about how we're close up and personal with regular troops on this?

Setting up forward bases in an insecure corner of Iraq sure seems a lot like "boots on the ground" to me.
It certainly doesn't sound like a "training exercise" so where are we with this action, officially?

An undefined war against an loosely defined enemy, with unclear objectives?

Really, was there a press release on this that I missed?
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