Monday, August 13, 2012

Whole Lot of Nothing

Had one of those weekends that seemed sorta busy, but really not much happened.  Know what I mean?
The hours seemed filled and yet I am not sure how much there is to show for it...

Friday seems to have been dominated by dull errands and good pizza.
There is this little pizzeria just up the road from here, Napolitano's, that has become the favorite for me here.  Maybe convenience factors in that assessment, but they make damned good pizza, damn it.

They have slice specials, at lunch time, so it is not uncommon for me to pit stop there while I try to get other shit done.  Two New York style slices and a soda for five bucks is right fucking on, by my scoring.  Thin, crispy crust, sauce with flavor, real cheese.  I munched on that mid-day.

KVC hit the scene here, after work, ready to chill.  So we got on with doing whatever.  After a few, she tells me she is ordering a pizza.  Yup, same place.
She prefers the thicker, square, Sicilian style they also make, so one of those showed up in a few.  Just as good as the New York style, just different.  They get that perfect, nearly burnt char on the edge of crust, that I dig.

Seriously, good pizza rules...

Saturday we rolled to the mall, because KVC "needed" things.
Man, there is no quicker way to be discouraged by the path of human evolution that to spend a few minutes in a mall, is there?  Christ, we are an ugly bunch of things.
So, yeah, we were reminded of how cool on-line shopping options are...

That mission was on an empty stomach, so we both had that edge about us and after escaping Providence Place we were ready to eat.
We were going to try Julian's, because somebody recommended it to us a while ago.  They seem to always be closed when we try to eat there.  Maybe it's a great joint, but I my never know.  Fuck that place...

Random driving led us across the river, where I spotted Duck & Bunny.  I remembered reading a review of the place, which sounded intriguing.
It is sort of a tea house/crepery/cupcake/fancy pants wine and cocktail bar, which sounds awful but is pulled off pretty well.
They call themselves a "snuggery" and whatever to that nonsense.
It is in an old house, that was full up when we arrived, so we were shuttled to the back yard.
A rose and sangria later and the mall was forgotten.  Their crepes are not quite traditional, which is fun.  KVC had a kinda burrito crepe thing.  I got crepes tied into little pouches, filled with salmon, capers, dill and creme fraiche.

Nice space, super nice staff, good food.  I will hit this place again.

Well, Sunday is to relax, so we did that.
I did fire up the grill, which was fun.  I will admit that it was the first time I have done that this year...
Don't judge me, I have just been cooking a bit differently this summer and the grill didn't quite fit with my idiom, I guess.
I have been fighting a steak craving for a few weeks and there is really only one way to deal with that, right?  Some heavily marbled, grass fed, glorious cow.
I did up some cod for the gal, sorta provincial with shallots, peas, grape tomatoes, white wine and butter in a little poaching pouch.  Roasted some fingerlings and carrots, while things were over the flames.  Tossed some in-husk sweet corn on the grill, as well, for good measure.
One of those meals that is great, simply because the ingredients were good and super fresh.  I like those kinda meals...

I guess the Olympics ended?
I missed the Spice Girls, I suppose.
I am a lesser man for it, I am sure.
Was Dong Dong at the closing ceremony?
Note, I put that link there so you can find out who Dong Dong is without having to do an internet search.  A lot of non-Olympic athlete stuff comes back if you try searching for dong...

Yeah, so what did you do?
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