Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Lots of fluttery things here, I notice.

We had a run of some normal looking moths earlier in the spring.

A few weeks ago was a big run of Pandora moths.
Big ones.  That picture is of one...
I guess their life cycle is a couple of years, most of which is in the larva and transition stages which happens underground.
Then every couple years they turn moth, mess around and lay eggs to restart the circle.
This year was one of those moth party years...

Last weekend, I saw more butterflies than I ever have.
Just a swarm of Monarchs, out in the hills and mountains...

And I hear there is another moth species about to show up as well.
The hawk moth maybe?
It's black and white, I think.

So, yeah...

This was a dull post inventorying the various fluttering bugs I have seen this year.

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