Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Fix

I don't know where your head is, politically.
Your thoughts on Russian influence in the most recent election, or lack there of...

It is something worth dwelling on for a moment, I think.
There is an article on the subject, over here, which merits a read.

Here is a snippet, for you to consider.:

Under these circumstances, the reaction of anyone who actually cares about the United States has to be: We must investigate this with great seriousness and impartiality and find out exactly what happened. This requires an independent commission with sufficient funding, a broad mandate and legal authority that Congress creates but then can no longer influence.  
Nothing should be less controversial than this. Whatever a nation’s political disagreements, in any functioning democracy there’s just one position on this issue: Only citizens can participate in deciding who governs it.

Maybe we get our fake news from different sources...
There are points made here which should resonate with any participant in this democracy.

The link, again.
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