Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Robot Overlords

Robot overlords, you ask?
What is this all about?

Well, it's about an interview over at the Atlantic, on the subject of automation's advances and the impact that might have on society.  Ryan Avent is the interviewee, writer of books and columns and rather clever based on what writing of his I have come across.

The conversation starts on the advent of technology in our lives, specifically work places, and how that could impact some pretty base parts of our society...
And goes from there.
The looming Technical Revolution as an evolution of the Industrial one.

Here is a snippet, for you to consider-

I think this transformative revolution will create an abundance of labor. It will create enormous growth in [the supply of workers and machines], automating a lot of industries and boosting productivity. When you have this glut of workers, it plays havoc with existing institutions.

I think we are headed for a really important era in economic history. The Industrial Revolution is a pretty good guide of what that will look like. There will have to be a societal negotiation for how to share the gains from growth. That process will be long and drawn out. It will involve intense ideological conflict, and history suggests that a lot will go wrong.

Worth a read, if there is a chance your job could be performed by a computer program or a robot.
If you don't think that is a possibility, maybe you should read it anyway...

I am not convinced the robot overlords are upon us, presently.
Their roots are already taking hold, maybe...

If robot overlords have roots or dream of electric sheep.

Link here.
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