Thursday, September 1, 2016


Yeah, so baseball season is winding down.

That means just a few more chances to see David Ortiz play.
The proximity to Bean Town has me thinking about that.

For a guy who is rarely on the field, Ortiz is a special player to watch.
A craftsman, professional.
Dude crushes baseball for a living.

Anyway, The Atlantic has a nice article on the guy.
A summary of his career, his place in history.
A generation of baseball fans has watched him in the biggest moments, in the most important games, late at night and late in the season. He helped his team break an 86-year title drought and then, nine years later, win its third in short succession, with a galvanizing speech to a wounded city in between. Whenever he has stepped on the field, he’s given a sometimes stodgy game a sense of uncut fun, of release from ceremony.
Here is a link to it, if you are down for some baseball reading...

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