Friday, January 29, 2016

Party Time (& Economics)

Sure, yeah, it is campaign season,
The three of you still checking in here might remember, if you have been checking in here for a while, that I may on occasion opine on the politics.

Maybe not opine, that may be the wrong word...
I might just call people I disagree with simple, dull-witted shitbrids, more than opine.

Rather than talk about the shitbird Whitman's sampler we have been presented with, of late, I thought I might toss out the occasional  piece of reading that gets my head gears turning...

There is no implication that I know anything about anything, when it comes to this stuff.  These days, I try to honor my obligations in this democratic society, by continuing to learn and think about the machinations which shape the world my nephew will be left to live in, down the road, and then apply that consideration, as best I can, to whatever confronts me in a voting booth.

This Richard d. Wolff article on the intersection of our two party political system with market policy, for example, I thought was a rather interesting read.
Here is an outtake, to whet your appetite for economic policy and politics reading.-

However, a much deeper level of discussion about the intersection of politics and economics exists. It concerns economic issues ignored by the mainstream, and questions not raised but rather swept under ideological rugs. Mainstream debates in political economy conceal more than they illuminate. They never explore the complex relation between contemporary politics and the reproduction of the capitalist economic system versus transition to alternatives.
No, the article is not some communist manifesto for our American future.  Just go read it.  There is a point there which is worth turning over in your brain.
You know, just something to ponder on, while these political circus hacks twirl across the evening news...

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