Monday, July 10, 2017

Fire Season

It's been a while since I lived someplace that has a fire season.

Think about that...

It's a season, fire season.

Yesterday, I went for a bit of a ramble.
Looping around the Brother John, stopping at some of the lakes up in the mountains
Generally, just poking around some of the things I love about this spot...
And enjoying the cooler air another thousand feet of elevation can deliver.

Heading home, I spotted that low haze, north of town.

It's been hanging in the nineties most days, lately.
Each afternoon brings the wind.
It has been a while since there has been rain.
Things are dry here.

That haze, was from a grass fire, up north of here a ways.
Some little spark that was whipped into a thousand acre fire in the course of an afternoon.

Now this fire isn't really near me, or anything really.
No need for worry, or anything like that, all safe here.

Still, pretty sobering to be reminded how quickly these fires can move/grow.
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