Friday, June 30, 2017


Have a good weekend, y'all.

Don't blow your digits off, or anything...

(Yes, I am aware that the sloth-astronaut depicted is probably an immigrant.  We are a nation of those, you know.  Hopefully, the sloth's presence in this image doesn't upset any protectionist ideals you may have and diminish the pleasantness of this post's intentions.  It occurs to me that those wolves may also be Canadian, which takes us to healthcare.  You will need that if you blast a finger off, won't you?  The wolves will, if they lose protected status, for sure.  Suddenly this post has gone from a dumb picture to political commentary.  It was just supposed to be a dumb post with an eagle and flag, along with some nonsense.  Sorry about that, my bad.  Anyway, stay safe and cool this weekend.  Oh shit, now I am thinking about the EPA getting gutted in the name of climate change denial.  Goddamnit, it's just everything isn't it?  Just fucked by those fucking fuckers, the whole lot of it.  Damnit man...)
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