Monday, April 17, 2017


Well, we are here now...

After watching some crummy movers pack and load our stuff into a big orange truck...
We set off in two cars, with two dogs, a cat and some crucial gear.
For six days.
Through booming thunderstorms, huge winds and thankfully little spring snow...
Three thousand eighty seven miles of driving.
Then watching all that stuff from the truck spill into our new domicile.
And rummaging through some of the hundred fifty boxes populating every corner of every room...
To find the bits that make us productive professionals.

We seem to have arrived at our new lives.
Just today...

Those mountains peak out, over town, if I walk out my front door and look left.

Most of town lies between here and there.
A tiny city, full of people in earth toned jeans and puffy jackets.

People that are nice.
Just randomly.
It seems weird, but that may just be too many days back east, swaying my my opinion...

We have found the grocery stores.
Some beer and some brunch.
A pizza place that delivers.
The nearest Mexican food.

Seen rain, snow, hail and sunny skies all in the same afternoon.

Here we are.

I think I like it...
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