Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Talking about the interior design form of minimalism.

Not the artistic movement, or genre, or whatever the heck you care to classify thusly.

No, I am getting at the whole "simplify your life" jumbo.
Declutter, pare down, yadda yadda...

Big picture, modern vernacular "minimal" lifestyle stuff, I guess is what we are hashing over in this post.

I think all of that is fine for some folks, but it also has always had a false ring.
Couldn't quite figure out why.

Then, I spot this piece from the Guardian, which got right to it with this statement:

Because let’s be clear about what the minimalist aesthetic, at least as a personal style choice, actually is: it’s a way of aping the connotations of simplicity and even, to a degree, asceticism, without actually having to give up those sweet, sweet class signifiers.

I usually don't post/link things I think aren't worth your time, as a read.
If nobody in your circle has busted out "minimal" jargon in casual conversation, you can probably skip this link and go dust your collection of knik-knaks.

There has been some purging going on around here, with the impending move.
It is a strange thing, as a person who covets odd objects.
Bits of ephemera that conjure memories or thoughts.
Trinkets that have been deemed "art" because of some random doodle.
I have piles of that around.

Yet I love a clean, minimal aesthetic, in my head.

Probably two decades ago, I declared that I could never live with my minimal intentions.

At this point, I don't know if I want to...
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