Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Winds

I have sorta been keeping track of this wind farm action, off Block Island.
The island is bit of land off Point Judith that has all your New England island summer get away charm.

The farm is somewhere of the island, those five turbines, out in the Atlantic a ways.

I was a bit fascinated by the logistics of all of it.  The turbines are from the EU, they were off-loaded down the road, then barged to the site.

Assembling giant erector sets out in the moving ocean seems like a challenge, no?

Anyway, announced yesterday...

The Block Island Wind Farm is officially up, running, and connected to the grid, operators announced Monday. The country’s first offshore wind project will produce enough electricity to power 17,000 average homes. It will provide all the island’s electricity needs, supplanting its old diesel generators and will also send electricity onto the mainland grid.

There is more to read here, if you would like.
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