Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tiny Dik Dik

Take a gander at this tiny dik dik, will you...

It is pretty cute.
And it is called a dik dik.

Unrelated story/memory:
Back in the college days the flop house I was living in took in these two brothers and their dog.  It was college era, so the idea of five dudes and a large dog sharing a townhouse seemed reasonable, because rent was quite less than a couple hundred bucks per person.

Anyway, the dog, named Dick.

Things were fine, at first.  Maybe.
Then Dick had mange, or something.  Hair just fell off of the poor thing, great tumbleweeds of dog fur.  Still a nice dog, but kinda gross to touch.  There was some associated smell, as well, that got pretty overwhelming.

The the dude who was Dick's human didn't have the means or wherewithal to deal with the dog mange situation.  He loved the dog, but you know...
That guy would scratch the dog, rub it's belly, normal dog owner things.

When giving the dog belly rubs, the dog would get excited.  So much so that the doggy penis would start to reveal itself...
And that guy would shout "Touch the Dick dick, touch the Dick dick!"

I got out of that situation shortly thereafter.

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