Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Parking Lots

A pal invited me to an old skate movie hang out session at a local brewery last night.
Pretty good excuse to get out on a Monday, right?

It was a funny scene.
A bunch of guys my age and older, sorta standing around.
Some of 'em happened to be brewers/skaters, so that was how the plan got started, I guess.
One or two younger guys, actually skating.

Not a lot getting landed, but fun none the less...

Hangin' out.

Shackle Me Not was the first video up...
But it was hot in the brewery basement, so everybody was outside the loading dock.
The movie part stopped when the guy who put the deal together broke his phone, bailing in the parking lot.
They were being played from his phone.

It didn't really matter.

Just a bunch of old skater dudes...
All that is really needed is a parking lot and an excuse to be there, maybe a curb.

Skaters are simple, that way.

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