Thursday, June 2, 2016


Random environmental post here...

About space, out west.

I don't know where your thoughts are on the Bundy clan or politicians who speak of selling off parks and grasslands.

About our seemingly constant desire to expand, develop, exploit whatever natural elements we have at hand...

But I stumbled on this Disappearing West website, which lays out some startling statistics.  Such as-

Human development in the West now covers more than 165,000 square miles of land. That is roughly the size of 6 million superstore parking lots.
This development is growing fast. Between 2001 and 2011, natural areas in the West—including forests, wetlands, deserts, and grasslands—were disappearing at the rate of one football field every 2.5 minutes.

Now, I lived out west for a good portion of my life.  Driven across the country, seen a lot of land in our great land.

Now, living on the east coast I am acutely aware of accessible open space...

Or the lack of land available to get out and explore.
Those places where you can breath some air.
Not run into another person for hours or days places...


I guess we're are just gonna Tesla between our standardized housing module to our work pod before going to the consuming center, the whole time wearing augmented reality headsets in future...

Should probably get out to some of those empty spots on the map, while we have the chance.

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