Friday, April 3, 2015

Funhouse Friday

Rambling story time...

Way back, Portland days, I helped design/build a funhouse set for some movie.
I had competely forgotten about that.
Such a weird thing
Don't quite even remember how I got roped into the gig.
I guess my bud M knew somebody, or something.  He had the tools for it and some theater history...

So, we had a pallet of mosonite and stick lumber.
Some absurd quantity of nails for an air gun thing, I only remember because we ended up shooting them all over the place.
I sort if drew up a scary clown face on the 4x8 sheets, we started cutting and stuck it together...

This was in the basement of an old grocery turned carpet store on SE MLK.
It's probably some farm to table gastropub, or some shit, now...
They just gave us keys and instructions to lock up.

We had like a week to build it.
I guess somebody else painted it?
I definitely laid out the stuff, but don't remember doing the painting.
It was used as a set for some movie.
Don't even know what movie, now that I think about it.

This was all after hours, post workday, post studio time, deep late night work, for some reason.
Sleep deprivation and a consistent work buzz is why my memories of the whole deal are less than sharp...
We were doing most of this from, like, 11PM 'til we couldn't go any more.

Beer money and excuse to build something with a buddy...
That was enough, for me.
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