Monday, January 26, 2015

Blizzard Warning

Knowing that it had nothing to do with some soft ice cream treat mixed with cookies or whatever - seeing the words Blizzard Warning plastered across every screen I glanced at yesterday was a bit of a bummer...

With that, I may have made some psychological turn, here.

I read the words Blizzard Warning.
I processed and accepted the meaning of those words.

I know I am not about to be delivered ice cream treats in abundance...

No, there is going to be a blizzard here.
There is cock all I can do about that.
It's happening with or without my seal of approval.

There will be snow, a lot of snow, I hear.
It will be windy and cold.
The cold wind an snow will conspire together.
They will claim the surrounding land as a conquering army.
I will make some effort to live with their occupying forces.
Live with the discomforts imposed with feigned dignity and underbreathed curses.
Steeled with scarf and shovel, I might struggle on, or I may submit.


It's just snow.
It was cold anyway.
Blizzard Warning, they say.
I say fuck it.
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