Tuesday, January 14, 2014


So, you know I like words, language, linguistics and all that kind of stuff.

It fascinates me, the way it shifts and develops over time, for one thing.

The way new words enter into our lexicon particularly fascinates me.

At the same time, you may have read me ranting about what I am gonna call word-humping...
When there is a new word bandied and suddenly I spot it a hundred different places.  As if writers or reporters are just racing to not be the last person to use the cool new word somebody else drug out to seem extra on the tip.

My last observation of this phenomenon was with food writers and unami.  It seemed to be in every food article I read a month back, but no where three months ago, unless you were some sorta sushi addict.

This week, I see scrum every where.  The goddamned red carpet at the Golden Globes was described as a scrum, in one article I glanced over.  Even the entertainment writers are desperate to work the word scrum into their copy.
Seriously, is the average Walmart mom looking for deets on the Golden Globes down with the definition of fucking scrum?

Take a knee here, writer types.
Settle down on the scrum action, huh?

(In case you aren't familiar with what a scrum is, go here.)
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