Monday, December 30, 2013

Shop Class as Soulcraft

Been some lag in the schedule here...
Been some activity, but definite time for some reading and reflection.
You know, the end of year brings that out in people, maybe.

Part of my personal lull has been spent rereading this book...

My first pass, I think, had me reading this on the train, while commuting.  Which may have been the worst environment to digest this thing, though I did enjoy it...
This go-round has me chomping off bits, pondering, reading related texts and all that.  Really a better read in this format of thought.

It is a bit of a thesis on, well, a lot...

I recommend it, without actually including any details for your consideration.
It is pithy, with heavy philosophical/theoretical underpinnings.
There is examination of contemporary business practices and their relation to the human condition/spirit.
Examination of the contemporary separation of intellectual and physical work.
Included as well, are some motorcycle repair anecdotes.
It is not some new "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" to be clear.

Give it a go, if that sounds like a fun thing to wrap your head around...
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